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Meet Machelli, Conquest Marketing Concepts’ Newest Assistant Manager

Conquest Marketing Concepts connects Fortune 500 clients with their ideal customer base to ensure that they grow consistently. In doing so, we provide our team in Greenville, SC with numerous opportunities. Our guided management training program allows each member to go at their own pace so they can learn the logistics of working with a high-profile client and of building a successful team. When an individual proves their effectiveness to grow the team and build our client’s market share, we promote them to Assistant Manager. Earlier this month, Machelli did just that.
By consistently working hard and supporting the team, Machelli earned her promotion to Assistant Manager. Early in her career at Conquest Marketing Concepts, Machelli focused on building up her personal sales and marketing skills while working with customers. Once she could confidentially and consistently land new accounts for our client, the management team started training her on how to scout talent and worked with her on her team management skills. She put those leadership skills to use by training her own team, proving that she can build and manage a strong team. Now that she has met all expectations for management, she is able to learn high-level management skills. She also gets to shadow our managers as we work directly with our client to expand their market share here in Greenville. In the next few months, Machelli will learn the ins and outs of our back-office operations and will secure a market of her own to manage.
Machelli Garrick is an Easley, SC native who loves helping her family and the team. Her passions are fashion, modeling, and helping others. Her goofy personality is balanced alongside her focused, hard-working nature, which has allowed her to be successful and grow in her position here at Conquest Marketing Concepts. She plans to continue working hard to reach her personal goal of owning her own business (or businesses!), which will enable her to become financially stable, take care of her family, and enjoy life.
We are so proud of everything Machelli has accomplished since she has come to Conquest Marketing Concepts, and we look forward to seeing what she will achieve next!

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